New Opportunity For Self-Taught Programmers To Make $137,389.00 Annually
“New Industry Research Proves Python Is The Most Profitable Tech Skill You Can Acquire This Year”
  • Huge shortage of python programmers... despite it being one of the easiest languages you can learn from home--realistically--in 35 days or less
  • Tech recruiters are FIGHTING to pay python devs $137k+ per year... especially if you’re self-taught
  • 199 out of 200 university level job applicants can’t code or even pass the simple ‘Fizzbuzz” test (really)
If you dream about learning to code from home, so you can get paid for your programming skills inside the next 35 days...

Then you need to read every word on this page immediately.

Because you are about to discover a proven method that can bring your dream of becoming a self-taught programmer into reality.

And the best thing is…

You DON’T need a computer science degree or a background in math to get started.

In fact, having a computer science degree can actually hold you back from landing your dream programming job.

More on that in a second, but first...
Let me ask you a serious question...
Is it really possible that someone with little or no coding experience…

...someone who doesn’t have a computer science degree…

...someone who is terrible at math... 

...can they go from where they are RIGHT NOW--and get paid as a freelance programmer inside 35 days...

...THEN land a high-paying job with one of the biggest tech companies... like eBay or AirBnB... inside the next 6 months?

The answer to that question might surprise you… because the answer is: 
“YES” it’s possible and you could do it!
Keep reading to discover the FULL STORY and see for yourself how WIDE OPEN the self-taught programming opportunity is right now.
Why do tech recruiters prefer self-taught programmers over university graduates?
As surprising as this may sound, it’s a fact that a vast majority of computer science graduates don’t know how to write a single line of code! (Seriously)

Most people can’t believe that statement when they first hear it, because it sounds like complete and utter BS.

So let me quote none other than Jeff Atwood… co-founder of the world famous programming website, Stack Overflow, a true authority in our industry.

He said: 

"199 out of 200 applicants for every programming job can't write code at all. I repeat: they can't write any code whatsoever." 
This incredible, unbelievable revelation led Atwood to create something called the FizzBuzz Coding Challenge, which is a programming test used in interviews to weed out candidates.

I remember my friend (a recruiter for a big tech company) told me they once had a guy interview for one of the senior programming positions at the company.

During the interview, they gave him the FizzBuzz test and (embarrassingly for him) he failed it.

Remember, this wasn’t an entry level position.

This senior position paid a salary of around $200,000.00, so you’d expect the candidates to be highly qualified.

And if you’re still struggling to believe that you DON’T need a degree to become a programmer… check out this eye-opening research from Stack Overflow.

40,183 employed programmers responded to the survey, detailing their personal level of programming education. 

So why are more than two thirds of working programmers self-taught?
Here’s the problem in a nutshell...

Colleges and universities teach programming in REVERSE… 
they do it completely backwards...
For some insane reason... the universities teach the hardest stuff first, and they just gloss over the easy (useful) stuff.

They force the students to study complicated computer science theories… which are only relevant to a tiny percentage of highly specialized jobs on the market.

And they force the students to study calculus and other complex mathematical disciplines that the overwhelming majority of programmers simply don’t need to know.

The universities spend almost ZERO time teaching the students how to code and develop software that solves actual, real world problems.

That’s why most students come out of computer science degrees knowing all the hard stuff-- the theory... 

Yet, in practice, they don’t know how to code even the most basic computer programs because they haven’t spent any time learning how to code.
And do you know the most insane part of it all?
  • Learning how to code doesn’t require learning ANY complex math
  • Learning how to develop useful computer programs doesn’t require learning ANY complicated computer science theory
That’s why the market is wide open for people like you to learn the simple, useful stuff... and then snatch yourself a high paying job.

The stuff they teach at the colleges and universities is REALLY hard. 

Yet, coding isn’t hard and you can learn it quickly--if you choose the right mentor.

My best guess is the universities intentionally make things complicated... in an effort to justify the exorbitant fees they charge.
Answer me this question:
How would you feel to be burdened with six figures’ worth of student debt… only to find out you aren’t prepared with the skills that recruiters look for in the real world?

I don’t know about you… but I’d be seriously pissed.


There are only two skills you need to learn if you want to become a successful and wealthy software developer:

  • You need to learn how to solve problems...
  •  And you need to learn how to write code...

Those two skills alone will give you access to 95% of the available jobs in the marketplace.

All the rest is just noise.
Before we go any further... who am I 
and why should you listen to me?
Hi, I’m Cory Althoff, author of the Amazon #1 best-seller The Self-Taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide To Programming Professionally… translated into eight different languages and over 100,000 copies sold worldwide.

That’s me in Japan, sitting at a table signing copies of my book, as future programmers (of all ages and backgrounds) line up to grab themselves a copy.

My self-taught journey started waaay before I wrote my book… back when I made the decision to teach myself how to code in Python. 

(You’ll discover why Python is the best programming language to learn in just a few moments.)
Within a year of starting my journey… I landed my first software developer job with one of the world’s most recognised tech companies… eBay.
Here’s the cliff-notes on how it happened:

After learning the basics of coding in Python, and proving to myself I could develop useful software, I started learning on the job as a freelancer.

Unlike those poor, debt-laden students coming out of university with no coding skills, I was paid to develop my skills working on real projects.

There are literally thousands of new jobs being posted online every day, looking for Python developers to carry out simple code edits... 

All the way up to building complex back end functionality for apps and websites.

During my time as a freelancer, I stumbled upon some life-changing information that taught me a specific way to growth hack my programming career.

So I put this information into action in the background, while continuing to help my freelance clients.
That’s when something incredible happened… 
One night, I was checking my email and I spotted a message from a recruiter.

I can’t exactly remember the subject line of the email, but I was under no illusion that there was a job offer waiting for me inside.

I remember feeling a rush of nervous excitement wash over me as I opened the email, and I wasn’t prepared for what was waiting inside.

Completely out of the blue this recruiter had found me online and offered me an interview for a level 2 software engineer job... with eBay.

I was blown away.

I was just this underachieving guy--a math dropout--who had taught myself how to code from home... without a fancy computer science college degree... and this recruiter had picked ME to interview for a job at eBay.

Imagine how good it feels to be headhunted by one of the biggest tech companies on the planet... 

It’s thrilling.

The interview itself went well and the rest, as they say, is history.

eBay was my first ever employed programming job…a dream job.

And the good news is...

YOU can learn how to take the same shortcuts I took and enjoy a new career working as a software developer… WITHOUT having to get a degree.
It doesn’t matter:
  • ​If you want to become a freelancer and work from home...
  • ​If you want to land a dream programming job with a big tech company...
  • ​If you want to make yourself more valuable to the company you already work for so you can ask for a pay rise...
  • ​If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to develop your own world-changing software...
  • ​If you want to become a travelling programmer and work from your laptop, while you experience different cultures all around the world…
  • ​Or you just want to learn how to code as a hobby, because it interests you...
I don’t know YOUR personal reasons for wanting to learn how to program, but whatever your reasons are...
You can copy what I did, take the all the shortcuts and get ahead of everyone else.

Looking back, landing that job at Ebay was completely ridiculous because if truth be told, I was fully unprepared for the workplace. 

I wasn’t even close to that level.

However you WILL be ready.

You can take advantage of my unique experience and discover everything I wish someone had taught me before I started working with one of the world’s most prestigious tech companies.

(You’ll also discover the secret growth hack that gave me an unfair advantage over everyone else, which allowed me to advance my tech career faster than most people can believe is possible.)

Since writing my book, I’ve helped thousands of people take control of their lives and follow their dreams learning to program.

Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not bragging.

It’s just important that you know I’m qualified to be giving you this advice.

It’s also important that you understand…

I’m NOT some superhero programmer... and I’m NOT a math expert who had a ton of knowledge before I started.

To be honest with you…
I failed math pre-calculus and NOBODY took me serious when I started programming
Before programming, I tried to start my own business and it was failing badly.

I’d never held down a serious job.

I was known more for being the guy who did far more partying than studying in college. (I studied political science, of all things.)

Everyone thought it was a joke when I told them I was going to become a programmer…even my friends and family. 

I remember my cousin making really sassy remarks about me, even after I had already learned to program. (This was before I landed the job at eBay.) 

He said things like: 
“Shut up, you don’t know how to program...” 
“OK, whatever you say Mark Zuckerberg...”
It’s highly likely that you’re going to face similar doubts from the people YOU care about when you start your own self-taught programming journey.

Don’t let ANYONE stop you following your dreams.

Nobody believed that I could program anything... until I got hired by eBay. 

And rather than let their lack of faith get me down…

I used their doubt as the ultimate form of motivation because I wanted to prove them all wrong.

Imagine how satisfying it felt to finally get my revenge. 

The exact same people who had doubted me before were the same people now asking “how on earth did you manage to do that?” 

Everywhere I went...every time I met a friend or family member I hadn’t seen for a while…the same question kept being asked, over and over again...

“Do you think it’s possible that I can learn how to code and follow in your footsteps?”

It was around that time--sitting in the backseat of a taxi while visiting a friend, on vacation in Bali - that the idea for my book was born.

And it’s the reason you’re here today reading this page.
So why is Python the #1 programming 
language you need to learn?
Making the decision to become a programmer is the first step to changing the direction your life is heading…and it’s clear you’ve already made that decision.

Otherwise… why would you still be reading this page?

So your next big decision is...
Which type of programmer will you become?
There are so many different options available… 

You could learn how to code:
    • JavaScript
    •  C++
    •  SQL
    •  HTML
    •  CSS
    •  PHP
    •  Swift
    •  Ruby
    •  Objective-C
    •  Haskell
      The choices are endless, however... 

      By the time you read this next section, you will understand why the biggest opportunity of them all is... Python.
      Firstly… Python is the most 
      in-demand language...
        The chart you see to the right shows the results from Stack Overflow’s most recent developer survey.

        It shows that Python is… by far... the most in-demand language.

        Tech companies want talent who can code in Python MORE than any other programming language.
        And… the world’s tech giants all love Python:
        Google… Youtube... Facebook... IBM... NASA... Yahoo... Dropbox... Quora... Mozilla... Reddit… Ebay… AirBnb... Instagram - those are just a tiny fraction of the global players who rely heavily on Python for a wide range of tasks… 

        Those companies are ALWAYS on the lookout for fresh Python developers.

        That’s not all…

        On top of Python being the most in-demand skill that employers are looking for…

        Secondly… there’s a shortage of Python 
        developers available in the marketplace...
        The chart to the left shows the percentage of developers who can code in each major language.

        And, despite Python being the most in-demand skill for recruiters, you can see that the vast majority of developers focus on learning JavaScript, HTML CSS and SQL.

        Wouldn’t you rather learn Python, where there is FAR LESS competition... as well as the largest demand?
        Again… that is the latest research conducted by Stack Overflow, and they aren’t alone in their findings.

        This next chart is from research conducted by Dice, one of the largest, most respected tech recruitment agencies out there.

        Dice advertise over 75,000 tech jobs at any given time, so they know a thing or two about the job market.
        Check out this incredible diagram, created from their research:
        You can see for yourself, the skills in the red zone are the ones where the demand for developers outweighs the supply…

        And Python is well and truly in the RED.

        The skills in the blue zone are the ones where there the supply of candidates outweighs the job supply.

        And not only that…

        The demand for Python has been growing exponentially over the last six years and shows no signs of slowing down.
        This next graph shows the year on year growth of the major programming languages, and it shows the monumental rise of Python:
        Thirdly… Python is one of the easiest languages to learn and it’s the only 
        language you’ll ever need...
        If you’re just beginning your programming journey, Python is an awesome choice because--unlike many languages--it has a simple and easy syntax that can be learned and understood by beginners fast.

        And if you have already learned other programming languages, you’re in for a huge treat, because Python is so much easier and more intuitive, as you will soon find out.

        When you start learning Python, you can literally start building something useable, immediately.
        It’s a perfectly reasonable expectation that you will create your first working program with Python inside your first week… 
        And this early feeling of accomplishment will get you excited to continue developing your skills… as well as your portfolio.

        Personally speaking…

        I got hooked on Python really, really fast and got to a point where learning to code flipped from feeling like a chore, to becoming fun in literally no time at all. 

        When you’re learning any new skill, your motivation comes from how fast you can do something useful with your new skills. 

        And that’s one of the most beautiful things about Python.

        You’ll create your first working program inside the first 7 days.

        Making fast progress is a surefire way to guarantee you stick with it.
        Just because it’s easy to learn… it DOESN’T 
        mean Python is ONLY for beginners...
        Before you say… “what happens when I outgrow Python?”

        Let me be 100% clear.

        Yes... Python is easy for beginners to learn…

        However… it’s also one of the most versatile languages of them all.

        You see, Python is a scripting language... meaning that Python can integrate and communicate with other programming languages.

        You can use Python to build websites and apps, you can develop graphical user interfaces (GUI’s), you can use it to analyze data, you can use it to develop machine learning... and a lot more.

        So if you wanted to branch out into data science or other, more complex areas… Python can remain your workhorse of choice while YOU develop and grow.

        And thanks to Python’s ability to “glue” other languages together… it means that Python could be the ONLY language you need to learn throughout your entire career.
          OK, I’m sold on Python… So where do I 
          begin and what are my options?
          Until now…

          Apart from reading books (like mine) there were only three main options available to people like you who want to pursue a career in programming... 

          Unfortunately, each of those three options have their drawbacks.
          Option 1 - Go to University
          • ​It takes 4 years to get a degree
          • ​The average cost for tuition fees is between $9,650.00 - $33,480.00 (according to The College Board)
          • ​The average student loan debt in the USA is $17,168.00 and that number can easily balloon to $100,000.00 plus
          • ​Most of your time is spent learning computer science and complicated mathematics (which you don’t even need for 95% of the available jobs)
          • 199 out of 200 graduates applying for programming jobs can’t code or pass the FizzBuzz recruitment test 
          • ​You won’t build your portfolio because you won’t be coding
          • ​You will struggle to land a job once you graduate
          Option 2 - Take a cheap Udemy course
          • How good can the course really be when it only costs ten bucks? (less than minimum wage flipping burgers at McDonalds)
          • The majority of instructors on these sites are serial info-product creators with 20+ courses on a wide range of unconnected subjects, meaning they aren’t true experts in the subject you want to learn about
          • ​As a result, these people have never worked in the tech industry and aren’t qualified to help you make a living from programming
          • ​I’ve purchased many of those types of courses only to find the lessons were long, unstructured and boring, often with rambling videos that never get to the point
          • ​Often the production level is very low and there is no real structure to the “lessons”
          • ​They only teach you coding, with no guidance on solving problems or creating your portfolio
          • ​They offer no advice on how to make yourself attractive to recruiters and pass the interview tests
          Option 3 - Find the information for free online
          • You waste time and effort trying to piece everything together from different sources
          • You find conflicting information and don’t know who you should trust
          • ​There’s a lot of stuff that you need to know that you don’t know you need to search for 
          • ​You have no idea if the person publishing content online for free is qualified to teach you
          • ​Learning as you go using “trial and error” holds you back from making the progress you could make if you were following a structured course created by a professional
          • You make the same common mistakes others have already made
          Thankfully there’s a fourth option 
          and it’s your best option...
          You already know that after I landed a job with Ebay, people kept approaching me, asking if I could teach them how to follow in my footsteps.

          That’s why I wrote my #1 best-selling book, which was featured in Forbes Magazine:

          “Althoff gathered what he learned in a book called ‘The Self-Taught Programmer: The Definitive Guide To Programming Professionally,’ which he self-published… and sells on Amazon in paperback and a kindle edition… and was a finalist in the career category in the Indie Book Awards.” - Forbes
          Yes... my book is a great starting point for you if you want to become a self-taught programmer.

          However… despite how good my book is (judging from the reviews) the truth is… you can’t learn everything you need to know from a just a book.

          More and more people started asking me for a more structured, in-depth training course to not only help them learn how to code in Python…

          They also wanted more step-by-step guidance and practical advice on how to build their portfolios... how to break into freelancing work and ultimately... how to prepare themselves to land a highly paid tech job.

          That’s why I created…
          In a nutshell, Five-Week Coder is the definitive, step-by-step live training program that teaches you how to code in Python, the most in-demand yet under-serviced tech skill that beginners can learn fast.

          In addition to the training videos, you will receive mini-projects to complete every week so you can practice what you’ve learned and grow your portfolio.

          You also get three code reviews throughout the program.

          Code reviews are similar to what happens in an English class. To improve as a writer, your English teacher gives you an assignment and gives it back to you with feedback on how you can improve.

          The same thing happens in a code review: you submit your code and my team and I go over it and give you feedback on how you can improve.

          This is incredibly important, because programmers, and self-taught programmers, in particular, are prone to writing bad code because they never have anyone read their code and give them feedback. 

          And finally, you will also receive my expert guidance on how prepare yourself for the world of work... how to get started freelancing...and how to grab yourself a high-paying tech job after that (if that is your goal).

          No-one else offers a program like this...
          The other options aren’t targeted in the same way this is... to get you from where you are now to where you need to be, in the shortest time frame possible.

          Five-Week Coder is the best place there is to start learning to program... 

          It’s THE proven method because it works... this method been tested by trial and fire.

          I can't thank you enough for creating Five-Week Coder. The way you teach is exceptional. Anyone can understand it. You just have to have the drive to want to learn. Believe in yourself, and you can accomplish anything. The group is amazing and ready to help you without making you feel bad for asking questions. I love it that Cory is active and willing to help as well. This program is worth it. I am a computer science major, and I can say that I have learned more about coding with this course then I have learned in the past two years at my university. Thank you again.
          -- Jay Suarez
          You can relax because:
          • ​I know exactly what you need to know… because I’ve already done it
          • ​I’ve successfully navigated the path you’re about to follow
          • ​You can take all the shortcuts and avoid making the same mistakes I made, because I’ve programmed professionally after teaching myself how to code from home
          • ​Every lesson is short, straight to the point, exactly what you need to know, with no fluff or filler
          • ​Each lesson contains only the critical information you need--nothing more, nothing less--so you can progress through the training, quickly and easily
          • ​You can complete the course fast, even if you have a busy schedule, because the longest video lesson is just over half an hour (but most are much shorter.) 
          • ​You will build your portfolio so you can show off your skills to future employers and freelance clients
          • ​You will learn all the tricks I used to land myself a job with eBay... in 12 months from scratch
            Cory teaches in a way that is easy to follow and his lessons are the perfect length. I was always able to get help from Cory himself. I am a stay-at-home mom and was able to finish the course in under 3 weeks (with a 2 year old crawling all over me!). Also after talking to a friend of mine who is a Computer Science tutor, I know that I learned more about Python in this program then I would have had I chose to go to a community college and pursue a degree in Computer Science!
            --Heidi Supriano (Now top 20% of Python freelance programmers on

            “What results will I get when I 
            progress through the course?”
            I don’t know you personally (yet) so it’s impossible for me to guarantee ANY results because... ultimately... it’s up to you to complete each lesson and practice your new skills.

            However, for someone who invests fully in Five-Week Coder… someone who rolls up their sleeves and puts in the effort...

            It’s perfectly reasonable that you could expect to:
            Code your first Python program inside your first week, even if you’re a complete beginner... 
            When you first start, you will doubt that you have what it takes to become a programmer. This is perfectly normal because everyone feels the same when they first start. 

            Within a few short days, you will discover that learning how to code, especially in Python, is not as difficult as you think it is now. 

            Your confidence will grow as you follow my step-by-step guidance, and when you discover how easy it is to code your first program, any self-doubt you currently have will vanish and be replaced with a newfound sense of optimism and hope.

            More importantly, you will enjoy feelings of strong self-belief… a belief that you CAN do this.

            When your first program is complete, you’ll be proud of what you’ve accomplished in such a short time. 

            And you’ll already be ahead of 99% of university students who are unable to write a single line of code when they graduate, after FOUR years of study.
            Build up your portfolio over the next month, paving the way for you to land your first easy freelancing gig...
            One of the most common questions beginners ask is… 

            “What can I put in my portfolio to show off my skills and experience to potential clients and employers?”

            Understandably, this is a big fear for newcomers who have yet to work with any clients. However you WON’T share that fear.

            Instead, you will grow your Github profile the right way, and as you complete the weekly coding challenges, your online portfolio will quickly grow.

            As your portfolio fills up, you will have the confidence to apply for freelance jobs online, because you have verifiable proof that you know what you’re doing.

            It’s far easier to land new clients when you can confidently direct them to your portfolio.

            You’ll also impress your friends and family by showing them you’re making real progress in your new life as a self-taught programmer.
            Secure your first paying freelance client within the first 35-90 days...
            The thrill of landing your first freelance gig is a moment of accomplishment you will remember forever as being the real turning point in your career... and your life. 

            This is where it dawns on you that you’ll soon be able to quit working a job that you’d rather not be stuck in.

            As you build up your experience (and your portfolio) with successful paid projects, you’ll walk into work for the last time to tell your boss “I quit!”

            When you reach this stage, you become truly free and independent. You don’t have to wake up and battle through rush hour to work in a place where your talents are undervalued.

            Instead, you set your own schedule, you wake up at a time of your choosing, without an alarm clock, and you get paid well for doing something that excites you.

            The work you do for your clients makes a REAL difference to the success of their company, because without you… they can’t move forwards.

            And we’ve not even mentioned the gratitude and appreciation you will enjoy when your code solves a problem that has been holding your client back.
            Inside 6 months... land a prestigious, dream job working for an established tech company... or for an exciting new startup... or follow the entrepreneurial path and start your own business... or become a traveling freelancer...

            When you have a few paid freelancing gigs under your belt, you will have tech recruiters contacting you out of the blue to offer you interviews with a whole host of different companies. 

            (All thanks to my tech-career growth-hack, the same hack I used to land my first job with eBay.)

            The average salary for a Python programmer in the US is $116,379.00 per year, and depending what state you live in, you can command a salary of up to $137,389.00.

            Congratulations, you have now officially joined the top 10% of earners in America.

            You’re now in the financial position to support your dream lifestyle… you can afford to buy a better car… move to a bigger house… go on more luxury vacations… 

            Or you can save your money and support your family in the years to come.

            If you decide to start your own company, you could build the next Instagram, like self-taught programmer Kevin Systrom did when he partnered up with Mike Krueger. 

            Just two years later, they sold Instagram to Facebook for a whopping one BILLION dollars.

            Whatever path you choose, you are now living life on your own terms...

            When you enroll in Five-Week Coder you also get...
            Exclusive access to Five-Week Coder private Facebook community
            You probably know that my public Facebook group has over 45,000 members.

            What you probably don’t know is... 
            I have a second, smaller, more exclusive Facebook group… reserved only for members of Five-Week Coder.

            Sign up for the course today and you will gain immediate access to this closed door Facebook community, filled with thousands of other people who have already started their self-taught journey.
            Team code reviews
            Our training programs are interactive. That means we don't just tell you to watch a video and call it a day. In English class, to become a better writer, your teacher assigns you essays and gives you feedback. We give you projects and review them too, to make sure you are writing clean, excellent code.
            Expert mentorship on demand
            Get personalized mentorship from experts who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction. All courses include weekly Q&A calls, recordings, student interviews, live stream sessions, and 24/7/365 support.
            1v1 help
            We don't just give you a course and say good luck. We are there helping you through the whole process: from code reviews to working with you 1v1 to get your first freelance job once you finish the program.
            Limited time offer to try Five-Week Coder for seven days completely risk-free
            Try out Five-Week Coder for up to seven days RISK-FREE.

            Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

            In fact... 

            If you follow the lessons exactly as they are outlined in the training videos, and you complete all the mini-projects, it will be difficult for you NOT to build up your portfolio and start landing freelance clients, before landing a high paying job with a tech company.

            In the unlikely event you want to cancel your trial, simply contact me ANYTIME for ANY REASON within seven days and you will not pay a cent.
            I can make you this offer because Five-Week Coder has been such a breakthrough success for the members who have already started their journey.

            I’ve made sure that Five-Week Coder is so indispensable, you’ll never want to be without it.

            But if you disagree, let me know and I will immediately cancel your trial and you WILL NOT be charged.

            You must be thrilled with your investment in Five-Week Coder, or I don’t want your money. .

            That’s it. 

            There’s no hoops to jump through... so you can test everything for yourself in full confidence that YOU’RE FULLY PROTECTED.
            Meet some of our existing members...
            As you can see, there are people from all sorts of different backgrounds inside our private community… and these people are just a tiny fraction of the support network you will become a part of, when you sign up today.

            At the time of writing this letter, there are over 1,200 members inside our private Facebook community, who have been through Five-Week Coder…

            They can’t ALL be wrong.

            In Closing...

            It doesn’t matter who you are…

            It doesn’t matter what level you’re at currently…

            If you want to learn how to code Python and learn how to make more money with your new skills…

            There’s no better place for you to start than right here.

            All of us are rooting for you and we’ve got your back!

            Join the self-taught movement today.

            I can’t wait to welcome you on the inside.

            All the best,
            P.S. The only thing you have to do next, to continue the journey you already started is…

            Click the button below and secure your place inside Five-Week Coder today…
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